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Poultry Industry and

animal feed sector


Who we are

After 37 years of services to the poultry industry we feel that we are some of the best and leading consultants in the poultry business. Our activities took us to more than 102 countries spread out over the world, where services are covering each field of the sector from Grand Parent Stock farms to the Packed End product in hand, from an idea to the product in hand we assist in each step in between these two points.

I.F.T Poultry

Frans Fransen
General Manager

Years of experiences
Tons of broiler *

* This is the total of broilers in TONS produced until today for this year by our clients for which, in some moment of time we have assisted be in green field investments be it in trouble shooting or any other of our services. Total so far our clients are producing 2.850.000 ton/year of sealable product per year.