Coaching of management where we will coach them in new techniques and the handling of problematic situations.

We assist managers in improving their performances with personal and confidential support.

  • Definition of problems. It is a well know fact that if we can define the precise content of a problem the answer or solution is at hand. So we will assist in defining problems.
  • Before solving problems it is often needed to analyse a difficult situation, so here you can use our assistance we will coach you in this process so that you can compare opinions, argue on points of view or consider new and never before used methods or techniques.
  • New managers can be vulnerable in situations where they do not know the answer to problems, so they are not comfortable . Here the use of our coaching service is often the best mean to overcome these problems.
  • For some problems it is better not to discuss them within the confinement of your staff but never the less you may need a second opinion. Here our coaching is the simplest and direct way to a non – coloured opinion.
  • Practical : Service rendered by visits, telephone fax or e-mail.