Due diligence of investment plans, business plans, feasibility and technical studies.

Strategic analysis ,the companies position versus the competition and this subject to method of production, management, structure etc..

due diligence

SWOT analysis
Analysis of data collection, routing, use, way of storage and retrieval.
The analysis of the cost of production.
The analysis of logistics and communications.
The analysis of products, packing.

The analysis of the relevance and viability of new projects, privatisation’s, acquisitions, mergers and or take-over’s.

In a process of take-over or mergers, loans, etc we will evaluate the value of the assets, the quality of products, management, and people. Synergies

Due Diligence
The control of data, documents, business plans, feasibility studies, plans, technical studies, production system. Synergies. Take-over plans and mergers.