The Control of the costing of products

The more precise you know the costing of your products the easier it is to define selling prices and to make profits.


What and how much does it cost to produce your Day-old chicks, Feed, Broilers, Eggs, etc..
How do you determine your product cost

  • By Intuition ?
  • An educated guessing ?
  • Traditional cost accounting ?
  • Activity based Costing ?

Do you know all the inputs in your cost ?
Available IFT-POULTRY models for cost calculation

  • Kobra cost calculation of broiler.
  • Cost ps cost calculation of hatching eggs.
  • Cost eggs cost calculation of consumption eggs.
  • Cost rearing cost of replacement pullets.
  • Cost of transport.
  • Cost of feed.
  • Cost of broiler supplied to slaughterhouse.
  • Cost of broiler hooked to the slaughter line.
  • Cost of dressed broiler.
  • Cost of day-old chicks.
  • Cost of day-old chicks supplied to farms.
  • Simups the financial effect of technical improvement with parentstock.